Dark City-Requim Morte

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This campaign area will be for any future campaigns dealing with Dark City that don’t involve the meta plot. It revolves around a group of characters working for an agency that skirts around and investigates the fringes of the supernatural aspect of the City. Character types allowed will be ghouls, revenants, dhamphyrs, sorcerers, kinfolk, Orpheans, mortal vampire hunters, imbued Hunters, and plain old mortals. Organizations that may serve as the framework for the campaign are Zero Options, of course, but the Orpheus Foundation is also a good choice, as would be working for the City Police Department’s Division 10. Another idea would be working for either the Arcanum or the group of mortal hunters called the St. James Society, or even as young members of the Crypt and Chalice Society. The idea of the campaign is to focus on case based investigations and the idea of coming across the fringes of supernatural control and dealing with it. I’d also consider another school based campaign at Warren #20 but only with lower powered characters.
As for straight up supernaturals, a high Gen vampire of no lower than 12th Gen, a Bastet, or a Mage limited in Sphere level MAY be approved, but only if there’s a very good story idea behind it.


kyndrakos kyndrakos

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