Dark City-Requim Morte

Case File One Part Four: The Case of Why's This School Open?

You Can't Take Rufus to Parties

While Victoria is still hiding in the stall, waiting for a text that Bradford has left, wondering why these girls are making up lies about their awesome supernatural encounters to each other, JT, Tobi, and Rufus are still chatting with Leonidas, while Alvin waits nervously for some sort of judgement from Ms. Grimsby and Mr. Redmond. As they glance around, our teen heroes (and dog) notice that there’s quite a few events going on at the rave. Leonidas points out that each Coven usually hosts an event, tailored to their specific goals and motif. There’s a full English high tea going on among some gravestones, attended by ravers in neon Victorian and Steampunk costumes, a picnic among some other graves, with more gothic ravers, a cricket tourney among still more gravestones, and a full bar, all while DJ Blackstar is spinning thunderous techno beats across the nearby cemetery grounds. At the high tea, an elegantly beautiful blonde woman, near the group’s age, in full Victorian regalia, with top hat and parasol, sends a page over to give the group an invite. Rufus urinates on the page’s boots, which prompts Tobi to scold him and JT to praise him. The woman herself then heads over, where she taps JT on the shoulder with the parasol and presents her hand to be kissed. She introduces herself as Lady Evelyn (pronounced Eva-Lynne, British style) Rottingham. To JT’s supernatural vision, she appears as a very decayed, rotting corpses, with piercing blue eyes and blond hair, under a shell of flesh, while to Rufus’s Scent of the True Form, she shows up as a Risen. JT manages to hide his disgust, and accepts her card, while others wonder why he seems uneasy with such a beautiful woman flirting with him.

Once she leaves, Leonidas warns against getting involve with lady Rottingham. She’s very bad news. As JT digests this news, from the picnic area comes another young lady, dressed in Southern Belle finery, with a frilly white parasol. She introduces herself as Evangeline Blackledge, and against, flirts outrageously with JT before giving him her card. To JT’s vision, she appears as one half a corpse and the other normal, while to Rufus’s Scent of the True Form, she shows up as a Skin Walker. After she leaves, Leonidas warns to not get involved with anyone named Blackledge, as they are a whole lot of bad news. At this point, Leonidas appears to notice someone or something, and takes his leave and makes his way through the crowd. Bradford then makes his way over to the group, introducing himself as Bradford Chadsworth Eddington Stillwell the Fourth. He schmoozes his way with them, like a politician pressing the flesh. To JT’s sight, he appears as a gaunt, feral, vampire-like creature, while to Rufus’s Scent of the True Form, he shows up as a ghoul/Fomori hybrid. He inquires after Victoria, stating she seems awfully familiar, but Tobi and JT cover for her, saying she’s someone else. After some small talk, he leaves, and Tobi texts Victoria it is safe to show up.

Once Victoria joins them, JT decides to hurry things along by confronting Ms. Grimsby and Redmond. The can sense that the two Society officers have no problem letting them in, just they don’t want Alvin. After some further discussion about joining the Society or not, they agree to take the Society’s initiation challenge. They’re assigned to go to the Bradford house and bring back proof they found the hidden grave there. Alvin promises to find out info on the house, and they decide to leave the party. Before they leave, another girl comes up to JT. This time, it’s the attractive teen siren from school. She is very perky and introduces herself as Lyla Romanova. She also flirts with JT and gives him her cell number. He perceives her as a feral, dead creature with blood red eyes and fangs, while to Rufus’s Scent of the True Form, she shows up as a vampire, although a weak one. She promises to meet up with JT at school and leaves. JT is then approached again, this time by an attractive woman dressed like a sexy nun. She identifies herself as Sister Hannah, and to JT she has the intense, neon purple glow Debrelle had, while to Rufus’s Scent of the True Form, she shows up as a Mage. She asks JT what church he goes to, and when he says none, she gives him a pamphlet for the “Church of Our Lady of Martyrs” a Catholic church where she’s head of the youth outreach program, and she invites him to attend before leaving.

Before the group departs, Rufus spots a big, ripped man with white blonde hair in a ponytail and tribal tats heading into the mausoleum. Rufus nudges Tobi to follow him. To Rufus’s Scent of the True Form, he shows up as Garou, with Silver Fang tribal markings, while JT sees him as a huge, feral wolf-man beast. He heads in to the Mausoleum, where he makes his way through the crowded dance floor to a very, almost unnaturally, attractive young, dark haired woman in Steampunk attire dancing frantically and expertly on the floor. He tries Scent of the True Form on her, and detects her as a Kindred, while JT senses nothing off of her, a very suspicious sign. The two seems to talk a bit over the noise, before the woman heads off deeper into the dancing throng, and the blond man shrugs in resigned disgust and heads back out.

When he spots Rufus, he stops and starts talking to him in Beast Speech, ignoring the crowd and the three teens. He seems genuinely surprised to see Rufus there and asks what he’s doing. Rufus replies he’s watching out for the trio. The Garou says that looks dangerous, but he suspects that Rufus is doing it for someone, or something. He tells Rufus that if he ever needs help, to give him a howl. As he pats Rufus on the head, Rufus notices the Garou has a necklace of vampire fangs, with a very big scorpion stinger tip as the centerpiece. The Silver Fang then stands up and heads out, ignoring the three teens, who ponder just how smart Rufus is. JT tries, in vain, to get Rufus to admit how smart he is, while Tobi just says he’s a special dog. Rufus suspects the Garou was Storm Walker, a former Ronin and Silver Fang, who once was the local vampire Court’s Scourge. At this point, the three teens are very tired, and decided to call it a night and head home to get some sleep before school. On the way out, they run into Debrelle and Leonidas again. Debrelle warns them if they ever meet near school an older man, with dark hair and Dr. Strange white sideburns, to not get involved with him. Nothing good ever comes of it, to which Leonidas agrees. When JT asks who the man’s name is, Debrelle puts his finger to his lips and says the Devil can be summoned by speaking his name. Leonidas agrees again, and says the old man’s a meddler.

The next day, Tobi and Rufus head to school by street car, and meet JT on the street car. They get off at Orpheus street and head past the boutiques. When they pass a boarded up store, the spot the skinny, creepy bum spray painting a weird symbol in red spray paint on the boards. Rufus detects him as a Fomori, while JT doesn’t have his special sight up. JT threatens the old bum into leaving, but before he leaves, he makes the cryptic comment to “Treat your new friend at school nice. He’s had a very rough last year.” At this point, Victoria pulls up in her limo and gestures for them to get in for a ride to school. At school, they get in just as Mr. Hacker starts to call roll, and notice a new kid. He is gangly, with unruly dark hair, and he’s glaring at Mr. Hacker. JT says the new kid is cold, and doesn’t have a heartbeat. His name is not called in class. JT asks Mister Hacker about the new kid, who says his name is Chris Abernathy. Mr. Hacker doesn’t see the name, and says he’ll have to talk to Administration about this. Dontrelle say Administration is always screwing thing sup. He tells Chris to get used to this class, because he’s stuck in it. Chris replies that it seems like this year will never end. He tells the group he’s a senior and this is his final year, which surprises everyone since it’s a freshman class, to which Dontrelle says, more Admin screw ups. Just get used to it. After some chatting, JT, Rufus, and Chris hear a motorcycle rumbling inside the building. JT gets up to see what is going on and sees a man in old 1950’s style clothing, all ragged and dirty, with a damaged motorcycle helmet, riding his Chieftain through the halls before vanishing around a corner.

At this point, JT gets in trouble with Mr. Hacker who says he can see JT will be a problem student, like Mr. Abernathy, who is surprised at the hostility. Before anything else can happen, the bell rings. Chris gets a text from his best friend, Brianna, who is in another class. She commiserates with JT about his problems, and tells him he should join a club to get some relaxation, and it’s good for his resume for college. She suggests the Paranormal Club, and Chris decides to check it out. He heads to the club during lunch, since he’s not hungry. There, he meets Alvin, JT, Tobi, Victoria, and Rufus. There’s some discussion of Rufus as club president, to which Tobi replies who’s cuter than Rufus. Alvin is eager to get Chris to sign up for the club, but Chris is hesitant to commit to such a weird group and requests a probationary period. He finds Rufus to be oddly intelligent, and JT again tries to persuade Rufus to show he can communicate with humans, but Rufus plays dumb. At this point, Alvin informs all that he has some basic research on the Bradford House. It is an old, classic two-story shotgun, built in the late 1800’s by one Josiah Beckett. It has a bad reputation of mysterious deaths and murders, and is hard to rent or sell. Victoria says with her connections, and the house’s reputation, that it should be easy for her to arrange a viewing with the realtor. At this point, the group decides to do some more research before committing to a course of action.


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