Crypt and Chalice Society Covens

The cult is currently divided into two overall factions, an older, classic Goth crowd, and a younger steam punk crowd. Friction is common, but both sides pull together against outsiders and norms. Besides the constant exploration and documenting of the supernatural elements of the City, the Society also has a very vibrant social life. The Society hosts quite a few events. Raves are usually held monthly, at locations decided upon by the Coven hosting the rave. Grand Raves are held four times a year, on the solstices and equinoxes, and these are run by several covens together, usually at a supernatural site. There are also Masques, held every other month, and are gatherings to dress up and share stories and information. Grand Masques are held twice a year, once on the Day of the Dead, and once in the spring, and involve a lot of dressing up and boasting, and are usually held in very unique, haunted locations. Two Grand Balls are also held, once on Dead Night, and one on Halloween, and involve a lot of drinking and dancing. There are also Convocations, held when several Covens gather together for serious business. Finally, once a year, on December 31st, the Grand Conclave is held, where all Covens gather together to compare achievements and successes from the old year. These are the formal events, but informal events can be held all the time, involving only one or two Covens. A lot are held at the Maddington Club, or at a hot local bar or club.

Current Covens

The Covens are the nuts and bolts of the Society. Not every member is a member of the Covens, with the bulk of members being a sort of lumpen proletariat. Only the few who demonstrate both passion for their particular subject and prowess in exploring sites related to that passion are let into the Covens, which are the basic voting unit of the Society. The currently active Covens are:

The Coven of the Devotees of the Dark Rose

Led by Malachi Cromwell and Nicole Darksky. One of the two oldest Covens, specializes in Vampires. Equal in prestige to the Blood Red Candle Society, with which it is rivals. It is influenced secretly by young Kindred of several Courts, who seek like company and eye up potential childer in case they win the favor of Embracing. Juvanne and the de Meraux twins are members of this Coven.

The Blood Red Candle Society

Led by Nathaniel Silver, specializes in ghosts and haunted places. Second oldest coven and rivals with The Coven of the Devotees of the Dark Rose. This group has the highest casualty rates.

The Order of the Unseen Eyes

Led by Bria Blackthorne, the coven specializes in general occultism and documentation.

The Ritualistic Society of Thoth

Led by Sardion Rowe and Iolanthe Hernandez, this Coven explore places of magical significance. Stylistically, this coven is very Hermetic/Golden Dawn in its feel.

The Cross of the Rose and Thorns

A vaguely Rosicrucian style order, it focuses on magic and beings of a higher order, as well as the investigation of other worlds of being. Led by Connor Chaumont.

The Coven of the Three Moons

Led by Bedelia Summerstone, this Coven deals with the mysteries of nature. It has a very Verbena/Dream Speaker/Wiccan feel, and is also devoted to finding were-creatures, spirits, and power animals.

The Honorable Order of the Grave Runners

Led by Lady Raven Harker, this coven specializes in cemeteries and graves around the City. Very old school Gothic.

The Coven of the Shadowed Veil

A group of specialists in finding new haunted sites and documenting them. Led by Damian Richter. Known to be very eager to find new sites and be ‘first’ in them.

The Necro-Hackers

A relatively new coven, they are focused on using modern technology to find and document ghosts and haunted sites. Led by Brian Dermott. The other more traditional groups refer to the Necro-hackers as ‘The Ghostbusters ’ for obvious reasons. They run the Society’s website ‘City of Nightmares’ Influenced by the Nekro-Hackers wraiths, and the Dead Boys Club.

The Blood Sisters

A weird, witchy Goth/Wiccan coven, specializing in black magic, summoning ghosts, and goetic magic. Its membership is strictly female.

The Cenacle of St, Lazarus

A coven devoted to the study of the City’s past, and historical ghosts and sites. Led by ‘Sister ’ Verity and ’ Father ’ Furio. This Coven has a traditional European secret society motif, crossed with the religious and contemplative motif of the Celestial Chorus. They are fierce enemies of the Coven of the Chalice of Eternal Life.

The Coven of the Chalice of Eternal Life

This coven resembles a cross between the Hellfire Club and resurectionist societies from the 1700s and 1800s. It leader, Black Michael, holds himself as ‘King’ and gives pseudo noble titles to his lackeys. This coven has no specialty, other than pulling the most daring, extreme forays into the most dangerous places, as well as haunting graveyards for necromantic items. He also encourages blasphemy and disparages all religions, making him a target of the ire of the Cenacle of Lazarus, the Blood Sisters, and the Coven of the Three Moons. The coven is tolerated because of the Society’s non-discriminatory charter, as well as the fact that the coven also throws the best raves around the city. It also has ferociously high casualty rates.

The Coven of the Unlit Tomb

This coven has a very Egyptian feel to it. It is led by Ayana ‘Nefertiti’ Juarez, and focuses on ancient Egyptian death magic and culture. Like the Egyptians, they are obsessed with life beyond death. They are experts at exploring the huge mausoleums of the City of the Dead, and throw impressive, elaborate Egyptian themed raves at them.

The Coven of the Dread Whispers

A musically themed coven they are obsessed with recording the voices of the dead, using elaborate sound equipment. They claim to be able to record the dead with their equipment, as well as through ‘white noise’ on televisions. Their leader, Miriam Gallows, leads a band called ‘Voices of the Dead’, producing weird Gothic-techno ballads about love and death overlaid with mixed audios of ghosts they have recorded. This coven hosts a lot of raves in cemeteries, and usually handle sound for other covens. They have a website with recordings of the dead they have made.

Coven of the Eternal Seasons

Something of a rarity, this coven seeks out the echoes of Arcadia, and their denizens. It has a very dark feel to it, very Gothic and Sluagh seeming. It is full of poets, artists, and such, who enjoy hanging out in graveyards and other dark places where the darker fae can find them, and share dark joys and dreams. It leader, Danae Darkwillow, a dark, dreamy poetess, likes this atmosphere. She is also in possession of knowledge of the existence of the Dreaming, and will do anything to access it.

Coven of the Hungry Souls

Called the ’ Giallos’ by other Covens, this one is obsessed with bloody violence and mayhem, and the walking dead. They follow the latest serial killers on Gore.Net, fetishize bloody horror films, and delve into the realm of zombies, specializing in combing the City for the oldest graveyards, left long unattended and overgrown, in the hopes that they can find one of the walking dead. Their leader is a waif of a girl called Mary Hallowblood, a Goth who dresses in white and red all the time, and who has peculiar tastes in relationships.

The Circle of the Eternal Spirits

This coven is composed of voodoo and Santeria followers, and seeks to document the City’s ties with both religions, as well as their connection to supernatural events in the City. Its leader is Sister Helene, a young women of remarkable personality, insight, and power. She has a tempestuous relationship with Debrelle, a voodoo expert member, who apparently is a lady’s man as well as a powerful spirit summoner.

The Coven of the Higher Order

This very eclectic, quirky group is devoted to the exploration and documentation of psychic phenomenon. They are one of the more technically oriented groups, with its leader, Dustin George, always demonstrating new equipment he’s designed to enhance ESP abilities, or detect them. The group is usually only interested in ghosts if they are connected with instances of psychic powers. The other covens see them as uber-nerds, and tend to look down on them.

The Circle of the Seekers of Celestial Harmony

Another eccentric group, even for the Crypt and Chalice Society, this is a very New Age group that seeks to understand the concepts of what ties a ghost to the earthly plain, help them resolve their conflicts, then ultimately move on. Jenny Moonchild, the leader, knows her group is mocked by the other covens, called variously ‘the Crystal Chasers’ and ‘Moon Children’ but she bears it with good grace, confident she can bring anyone around with patience and love.

The Hermetic Society of Paracelsus

This coven has a traditional secret society feel as well, which is what its coven leader, ‘Dr.’ Desmond Carter, likes. He is devoted to the ideas of Classical and Renaissance alchemy, as applied to the field of researching ghosts and spirits. He cultivates an eccentric, steam punk image, always clad in Victorian clothes, over which he wears a white coat, stained with odd chemicals, with inner pockets in which he contains flasks of potions and components, some of which he is always trying to get people to sample. The other covens tolerate this very eccentric group because Carter is also good at brewing up designer drugs for cheap.

The Coven of the Black Star

This Coven prides itself on being the bad boys of the Society. They, and their leader, Dirk Loveless, project this metal, Satanic image, and their coven is devoted to proving demons are real, and they devote a lot of time to elaborate black masses in the various mausoleums of the City, Witches Sabbaths are also common, as are Satanic themed raves held in the same places. Their raves are also very popular among the Society. The Baali and the Diaboli are both keeping an eye on this Coven for new recruits as needed.

Destroyed and Inactive Covens

The Blood Hounds

Obsessed with serial killers, this Coven ventured into St. Stanislaus one Samhain in 1964 seeking the near mythical unmarked grave of legendary City serial killer Henry Gauge. No one ever returned from that quest, and only a single, bloody hand print was ever found near the locked and rusted inner gate.

The Coven of the Crimson Shroud

Obsessed with discovering the secrets of the City’s many haunted houses, the entire Coven disappeared at Chateau de Mortaine one day in 1977.

The Coven of the Cruciform Heart

Obsessed with ghosts and risen, somehow this Coven obtained information about the Circus Macabre. They were then wiped out at St. Stanislaus, looking for the Circus in 1987. The map they made in warm up forays, showing a route to the outer gate and the middle gate is still on file in the Archives.

The Necronaughts

Obsessed with abandoned building related to high profile deaths, murders, and massacres, this punk themed Coven was wiped out in Moorecrest Asylum in 1989.

The Coven of the Scripture with No Words

A religious themed Theosophist group, they were wiped out at Riverside Hotel in 1994.

The Coven of the Five-Fold Symbol

A very dark, literary gothic group, they delved into the various dark literature and secrets of the City. After trying to find a volume of poems by one Leann Stillwell, supposedly hidden in the old City Library, the Coven vanished from the huge millennial crypt party at City of the Dead in 1999.

The Coven of the Whispered Word

Another esoteric group, obsessed with mystic texts, they attempted a crypt run into the Cathedral of All Saints on All Saints Day in 2003, and never came out.

The Coven of the Red Star

Another Satanic-themed Coven, the heralded the appearance of a bright red star in 2000 as being prophesied in Satanic lore, foretelling the unlocking of the gates of Hell. The entire Coven was found ritualistically slaughtered at the abandoned Church of the Mother of Tears, and the cause is believed to be a summoning of a demon gone wrong.

The Coven of the Soul Bound Gospels

A small Coven dedicated to combing City records for traces of lost sites, they vanished in the old City Library looking for lost records in 2007.

The Coven of the Unbound Mind

One of many occult, urban spelunker themed groups that have come and gone over the years, this group went to the Blackwell Building on night in 2010 and never returned.

Crypt and Chalice Society Covens

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