Crypt and Chalice Society Officers

The Four Masters

The Four Masters are the co-leaders of the Society. Every decision they make is in theory jointly taken, by vote, though some degree of politicking is present. A Master is elected by Society as a whole, voting by Coven, and can only be expelled by a full vote from the Society as a whole, through a majority of the Covens. The current Masters are:

John Kurst- Magister Primus Inter Pares, Dominus Boreas, Master Death

The oldest member of the Society, Kurst is a practiced sorcerer, and he is, secretly, a revenant with knowledge of Dark Thaumaturgy. Once a Sabbat operative, he infiltrated the society on the orders of the Tremere anti-tribu, preparing it to be subverted by the Sabbat. Instead, when the Tremere anti-tribu vanished en-masse, and the Sabbat were driven out of the City, he found himself on his own. He has run the Society long enough to know there are far deeper secrets than his former masters realize in the City, and that he is privy to some of them. This has made him both confident that he can elude being drug back to the Sabbat, yet also paranoid that the darker elements of the City are looking at him. He is also aware that his age is fast disconnecting him from the bulk of the membership and causing questions about his longevity, so he is making plans to finally drop out yet keep control and influence on the Society. Other than that, he maintains a reputation as cold, distant, yet also erudite and knowledgeable, with a record of accessing haunted sites around the City that is impressive, as well as maintaining an list of favors owed him by various members that is also formidable.

Kendall St. Claire, Magister Secundus, Dominus Australis, Mistress War

The newest member of the Four Masters, she is a hardened veteran of years of crypt parties, midnight runs through the worst haunted sites in the City and a survivor of three Coven wipes. She is a firm, insightful, and cynical woman, secure in her own knowledge and power, and ambitious to move ahead in the Society. Already she is scheming for Kurst’s position, unaware that he is planning on leaving and becoming a power behind the throne.

Sarpedon, Magister Tertius, Dominus Subsolanus, Master Famine

The third oldest of the Four Masters, he is a quiet, almost too quiet, student of the Hermetic method, Alistair Crowley, and the Rosicrucians. He prefers not to speak, since he thinks everyone else is an idiot. When he does speak, he is pedantic, condescending, and smug. He is unaware, but the Tremere have been eyeing him for a while to be ghouled as the first step towards the Embrace.

Desdemona Wellblood, Magister Quartus, Dominus Favonius, Mistress Pestilence

The second oldest member is a quintessential representative of the current memberships party hard in the face of death attitude. She lives free, parties hard, and shows no fear exploring the City’s underworld.


Besides the Four Masters, there is a Council of Adepts, composed of the Adept of each acknowledged Coven. There also are Society Officers, who answer to the Four Masters. Current Officers are:

The Chief Librarian-Keeper of the Society’s Library

Eleanor Grimsby is the Chief Librarian. She is a stern looking Goth girl with dyed blue hair. She dresses in Victorian style at all times, with thick glasses, which she does not need. She and her Librarians keep track of the Society’s extensive library of occult works and journals of members past and present. She makes sure any borrowed items are returned on time, under penalty of having achievements revoked, and that members constantly update their journals of club activities for record. She is resistant to the Chief Archivist’s idea of digitizing the Library, pointing out that opposing progress is one of the Society’s core beliefs.

The Chief Archivist-Chronicler of the deeds of the Society’s members

Jordan Redmond is the Chief Archivist. He is a tall, slender Goth, with dyed black hair, and a goatee. He is pedantic, sarcastic, and a rules lawyer. He makes sure every attempt by a member to have a deed recorded is backed a piece of physical evidence, photographic proof, and sworn statements by three members of the Society. His mantra of ‘Pics or it didn’t happen’ irks many in the Society, but does ensure unbiased recording of deeds. He is behind an effort to digitize all Society records, and he is pressuring the Chief Librarian to do the same, though with severe resistance on Chief Librarian Grimsby’s part.

The Dueling Master/Arbiter-handles arbitration of conflicts between members and Covens

Arianna Mandrake is the Dueling Master of the society. She is very steam-punk-esque lady warrior, priding herself on her skill, grace, and manners. She governs all issues of conflict between coven members, and ensures that any disagreement not solvable by negotiation or by judgment of the Masked Tribunal, are settled in a fair, one on one duel. The duels are never to the death, and are usually nonphysical. A typical contest could be a test of knowledge, a comparison of deeds and achievements, or even a ’run; through a haunted location. The only common thread is the duel must be a fair challenge, and it must be a test of skills.

The Master of Arms-Head of Security

Even as eclectic and libertarian a group as the Society has need of some degree of order. Robin Cairnes is the Society’s Master at Arms, and she is a very tough, professional young woman who keeps order with a bouncer’s’ mentality when dealing with her eccentric and eclectic fellows. She and her Sergeants-at-arms are polite, courteous, and understanding, until its time not to be. She has a reputation for fairness and understanding, so most of the Society respects her enough to back her, though a few misfits and contrarians do exist. Mostly, her group polices the raves, masques, cotillions, and convocations of the Society to make sure everyone has fun, and no one brings down the wrath of the authorities on the Society.

The Masked Tribunal-Judges of the Society

As with the Master-at-Arms office, someone needs to impartially judge infractions of the admittedly loose rules of the Society to begin with. It is the function of the three members of the Masked Tribunal to handles all infractions of the Society’s rules. The three judges do not actually appear masked anymore, instead handling judgments through electronic means such as video conferencing. They are called masked because no one but themselves and the Four Masters know who they are, to keep them above the influence of the various Covens and impartial. When a member chooses to retire from the Tribunal, they nominate their replacement, who is approved by the other two members. If two or three retire at the same time, the Four Masters appoint their successors. Despite a few glitches at times, this system actually runs fairly efficiently and well, and is respected, if not actually liked, by the general membership of the Society.

The Master/Mistress of Ceremonies

A group as socially obsessed as the Society definitely needs a social director and the Master of Ceremonies, Greydon Lee Xavier handles it with aplomb. Grey is a pleasant gay man, with an extensive theater and performance background, and he knows all the nuts and bolts about what it takes to put on a good show, both on stage and behind the scenes. His events go off, not without hitches but with hitches dealt with promptly and confidently. He is probably the most popular person in the Society.

The Knights Errant of the Catacombs

This odd quasi-order is composed of the best seekers of the Society. It is a matter of prestige to be invited in, as it is by invitation only, and one’s achievements are scrutinized with utmost care by the current membership. A single black ball can end one’s chances baring an extraordinary achievement as a comeback. The order has a pseudo-medieval rank system, and ranges from Knight Esquire, Knight Sergeant, Knight Commander, Knight Protector, Knight Guardian, and Grand Master. The current Grand Master is Lady Anais Kilgrave, a larger than life, almost legendary figure in the Society, with dozens of achievements to her record.

Crypt and Chalice Society Officers

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