List of Faculty and Staff at Warren Number Twenty

List of School Faculty

Principal Zenobia Kilgore

Zenobia Kilgore is an affable woman in her early forties. She’s had years of experience at rough schools, turning them around with compassion and competence. Warren #20 attracted her, even with its problems, since it seems to be the place that needs her the most. She is passionate about teaching and caring for students, and is always positive and upbeat with both staff and students. Already many are taking bets on how long she lasts before burnout, or worse.
Favorite quote: “I have faith in you!”

Executive Vice Principal Charleswell T. Adams

A distinguished former business man who’s made education his late life priority, Adams is in his fifties, with graying hair. He tends to focus on data and metrics, and is a firm supporter of rigorous and vigorous standards and curriculum for students and teachers alike.
Favorite quote: “The world owes you nothing!”

Assistant Vice Principal Ethran Stillwell

Thin, fastidious, and with a sour face, Stillwell is from a prominent local family and it is rumored he’s only employed as a favor to the Stillwell Trust, which donates generously to the school. He is a firm believer in traditional teaching methods, and often clashed with other staff members due to his insistence on learning by rote and emphasis on standardized testing.
Favorite quote: “In my day, things were different!” usually followed by a long rant/lecture.

Assistant Vice Principal Telemacho Cortiz

One of the few ethnic members of the upper administrators of the school, Cortiz is a middle aged Hispanic man who is in some ways very forward looking, and in other ways very backwards. He is point man for many local religions that donate to the school, and he frequently suggests students should devote more effort to spirituality, while at the same time emphasizing how much of a scourge drugs are in the local community and promoting the school’s free health and counseling rehab clinic, which is supported by the First United Non-Denominational Church, a growing player in the City’s religious life. He is currently trying to convert one of the older, unused buildings into a non-denominational chapel and getting all students to get random drug testing during the school year.
Favorite quote: “Spirituality, whatever its form, will shine a light into your personal darkness.”

Student Technology Coordinator Elliot Hellsworth

A tall, thin man who has just recently joined the staff after the unfortunate decapitation of his predecessor, Hellsworth(He insists its pronounced ‘Ellsworth’, the H being silent) is a hard working member, focusing on preparing students for life in college and beyond. He is a great supporter of using new, innovative technologies and is often a go between for the tech companies such as Meta-Data, which donate money and surplus equipment to the school. He was the one who got Persimmon Computers to supply P-Pads and P-Phones for all students and has been trying to get the school WiFi.
Favorite quote: “If you don’t adapt, you die, or end up working at Farmer Mac’s Burger Emporium.”

Human Resources Administrator Philippa Hearst

Responsibility for maintaining the staff at the school at their peak performance and resounding to personal issues has been wearing heavily on Hearst. A woman in her early fifties, she’s survived ten years so far at Warren#20 and it tells. She seems older and more haggard, and is rumored to drink heavily, perhaps because she found the remains of her predecessor decorating the office before she was promoted into the job. Rumor has it she files grievances in boxes that she then hides have circulated around campus for a while, and would be disciplined over it except for her friends in the Teachers Union, which have threatened to sue is she is let go. Until some way is found to oust her, she’ll continue to stumble along through the job, more and more burned out by the day.
Favorite quote: “I’ll get right on this.”

Head Disciplinarian Richard Meansley

Consider very aptly named, Meansley is a balding, middle aged man obsessed with order among the student body. A strict martinet and quotidian, he long ago abandoned the view of discipline to keep order and now just seems to indulge in enforcing school rules out of spite. He is another one Principal Kilgore would like to get rid off, but the Union keeps him employed. Most students wonder why so many other staff have mysteriously died, and Meansley still keeps going.
Favorite Quote: “More detention must be what you want.”

Chief Security Administrator Darnell Edward Bode

Mr. Bode is something of an enigma. He is rarely seen, yet his presence around campus is universally felt thanks to the multitude of security cameras installed around school. He doesn’t attend staff meetings, as he is usually monitoring the campus from the heavily guarded Security Office, a situation he justifies by the amount of unusual deaths that occur on cam[pus. He tends to communicate be email and text, or through his second in command, Lieutenant Schuster, or field commander Sergeant Sparkleberry.
Favorite Quote: " I apologize for not seeing you in person, but a grave security matter requires my undivided attention."

Administrator at Large Barry Lee

Barry Lee is a pleasant, young man who won the position of Administrator at Large from former Principal Dr. Worthington, who perished from gang violence, brutally murdered in his office by thugs from the Red Cobras gang. Since then, Lee has been active in a variety of student and school related projects, though no one can actually state with certainty what he does. His ability to remain alive and un-murdered, as well as employed, is almost legendary at school now.
Favorite quote: “That initiative will require a lot of focus and on message studies to achieve the required paradigm adherence. Lets do a meeting to coordinate our staffs and make sure we’re all on the same page, to ensure compliance on ISO requirements.”

Student Administrator Christopher D’Arien Lockhart

Mr. Lockhart is relatively new, having taken over this year from Mr. Stevens, who retired suddenly from the position and subsequently moved from the City to Hawaii. Lockhart have devoted himself to the job, managing all day to day affairs of the students and making sure all student related policies are in place and understood. He also performs outreach with students, and his door is always open to any student with an issue they need to discuss. He is very popular now on campus, but many feel his optimism is doomed.
Favorite quote: “I’m here to help you achieve your personal best.”

Head Administrative Assistant Janice Morgan ‘Ms. Morgue’

Ms. Morgan has been at the school for twenty years, and still has another twenty to go before retirement, a fact that ways heavily on her soul. She’s seen the worst at the school, and it has turned her into a cold, unsympathetic woman devoted only to her pension and the rules. She treats staff and students alike with sneering contempt, and smokes and drinks far too much, yet it is best to stay on what’s left of her good side because her knowledge of school rules, regulations, policies, and procedures is breathtaking and she can jam any project or person by filing the right form or making the right form vanish. She is another one Principal Kilgore would like to remove, but since due to a coding error that classified her position as requiring a civil servant, a qualification she eagerly acquired, she can’t be fired without going through civil service appeals, rules, and committees, so she remains, making life miserable for everyone. She is known to hate cheerleaders vehemently.
Favorite quote: “That’s not happening.”

Chief Technical Administrator Dave Corcoran

Very young, Dave graduated from International Poly-technical Institute with stellar grades and piles of student debt. He got the job after he was turned down by the Orpheus Foundation for vague reasons, and only got the position because, despite a heavy grant from Meta-Data for school internet and computer upgrades, no one else applied for the job. He found out why when he realized how much legacy equipment and down right obsolete machines and software keep the school running, all of which requires his immediate attention and that off his staff, who are a bunch of young, bitter coders and techs paid minimum wage, worked to the bone, and who are bitterly resentful of their own student debt. Dave, while outwardly still pleasant, is a master obfuscator and delayer, hoping to keep things running just long enough until he gets enough experience to get hired at Persimmon Computers or Meta-Data. he has taken to living on four hours of sleep and Urge! Cola products and Genesys Nutrients’ Nutra-Bars.
Favorite quote: “I’ll expedite that and get back to you.”

Mr. Raheem Feraz -Chemistry Teacher

Fussy and fastidious, Mister Feraz was hired under an initiative to get experienced teachers from other countries to fill slots at the school. Feraz leapt at the chance to get to America, but now regrets his choice of Warren#20, but he can’t leave until he works out his contract. As a result he’s become sullen, snappy, and downright paranoid with the students, whom he’s convinced are trying to poison him, something he’ll expound on, at great length, with anyone who’ll listen. he also refuses to use the chemistry lab, as he swears its haunted.
Favorite quote: “It’s not paranoia if they are really trying to kill you.”

Ms Alexandra Rainbow-Sociology Teacher

Fresh from grad school, with dual degrees in Sociology and Child Development, Ms. Rainbow is everything her name promises, bright, hopeful, and happy. She’s always positive, almost disturbingly so, and she constantly tries to be inspirational and uplifting, to both staff and students. Much like Principal Kilgore, bets are being placed on how long she lasts, sane or alive. Other than that, she’s quite popular.
Favorite quote: “Tomorrow is always better!”

Mr. Xavier Hacker-English Teacher

The stereotype of the strict, unpopular teacher, Hacker has survived the system at Warren#20 for ten years so far. he is disliked by both staff and students, because he’s punctilious, condescending, and smug, lecturing staff and student alike on his theories of education in a nasal British accent. Students and staff wonder why he’s still alive after so many teacher deaths every year, wondering if even Death can’t stand him.
Favorite quote: “I you would take a moment to understand why you’re wrong, I’m sure it will benefit you in the long run.”

Mr. Victor Thames-History Teacher

Young on his first teaching job, Mr. Thames wonders constantly why the school, which he admits is run down, gets such a bad reputation. He also wonder why people smirk and chuckle at his name. relentlessly optimistic, it is just a matter of time before he becomes the subject of the student body’s annual dead pool.
Favorite quote: " I don’t understand what’s so funny?"

Coach Leslie Beane- Cheer Coach, Girls’ Soccer

Coach Beane is a school veteran of five years and in that time she’s lead the cheerleaders and the soccer team to victory after victory. She is an attractive, if muscular woman, and leads with a firm, no-nonsense manner. So far, she’s managed to put together two award winning organizations, without suffering from the so-called “Coaches’ Curse” at school. She often dismisses any rumors of unnatural happenings at school. her attitudes towards men is very aloof and often condescending.
Favorite quote: “A man does, a woman does more.”

Coach Larry Bascombe- Lacrosse Coach

Coach Bascombe leads the only other winning team at school, other than the Chess Club. His lacrosse team has scored victories for seven years, which he chalks up to an aggressive manner and stern discipline. When confronted about how aggressive his team is, sometimes leading to injuries for the other teams, he puts it down to an aggressive play style that overwhelms unprepared opponents. He dislikes that the Chess Club has more trophies than lacrosse does.
Favorite quote: “No Pain, no Victory.”

Mr. Leland Emmerich- Mathematics Teacher

Mr. Emmerich is the new math teacher. He is a middle aged man, and is notoriously cold and logical, leading to his nickname at school ‘The Vulcan.’ Other than that, he is a quiet, private man, which some would say is suspicious in and of itself at this school.
Favorite quote: “Speaking logically…”

Dr. Linda Coldwell- School Psychiatrist

The new school psychologist(the last one quit for whereabouts unknown, the one before was committed to an asylum, the one before drank herself into a stupor, and the one before that hung himself at school)is a competent woman in her mid thirties. She took the job, she says, so her talents could go to the places they most were needed. She’s done stints around the world in conflict zones, so the school should be up her ally, or so she says. She is very compassionate, and her door is always open to students for guidance.
Favorite quote: “Tell me how you’re feeling now.”

Janet Walker, NP- School Nurse

Though the school definitely needs a full time doctor, the best it could afford was a school nursing staff. It used to have a very high turnover rate until Nurse Walker, a Nurse Practitioner, was hired. She is a former Army Medic and worked at the trauma center at Mercy General for several years, so she has a lot of experience. She has managed to improve morale among her staff of six nurses, and is considered one of teh few good staff members by the student body. She treats everyone with compassion and skill, and is very discreet about things like pregnancies and drug use, as long as the infractions are not felonious. She seems very interested in the history of the school as well, and often works late.
Favorite Quote: “This will hurt, but not as much as not treating it.”

Sergeant Thomas Sparkleberry

Sparkleberry is the stereotype of a school security officers. He’s tried several times to get into the armed forces and police force, each time being rejected for various reasons that boil down to “No one trusts you with a firearm and authority.” He hasn’t given up hope yet, and he works the school for the training and for his resume, with zeal. He works out a lot and is very jacked. He also has no volume control on his voice, always speaking like a drill sergeant at the top of his lungs. No one at school likes him.
Favorite quote: “What we have here is a failure to communicate.”

Doctor Vasily Zanovisch- School’s Doctor

A recent hire, Dr. Zanovisch is a quite, elderly East European man with white hair and glasses. He has a gentle bed side manner, and speaks English very precisely and clearly, with a strong East European accent. He was hired very recently to help alleviate staffing problems in the medical staff and is very qualified, almost too qualified.
Favorite Quote: “Tell me where it hurts.”

Priscilla Monroe- Head of the Arts Department

She is a motherly woman, brunette, in her mid-thirties. She is always willing to listen to students and give them advice. Despite being very attractive, she is still single do to a series of unfortunate accidents that have claimed the lives of four former boyfriends. All the staff is convinced she has bad luck. It may be only a matter of time before Mr. Thames becomes interested in her.
Favorite Quote: “Its never as bad as it seems, even at this school.”

Lysander Montgomery- Lit Teacher

A thin, earnest young man, he handles American Literature at the school. Considered overly fond of Edgar Allen Poe by the students, he is otherwise a reliable instructor. He is also a major proponent of the works of James Reginald Bartlett and Lawrence Edgard Stillwell, Ronald Belmont Stillwell, and Henry Garrison.
Favorite Quote: “You never know what you’ll find is you dig beneath the surface of literature.”

Sandra Turner- Philosophy and Ethics

A quiet, thoughtful brunette with big glasses, Ms. Turner is a very serious person, who always talks in quotes from famous philosophers and likes to play question tennis. Most students dread her classes, but she prides herself on teaching critical thinking.
Favorite Quote: “Why do you think that?”

Simon Stone- Math

Possibly one of the most popular teachers in school, Mr. Stone is not only dark haired, athletic, and handsome, but he also has done a near impossible task-make math interesting. He is very personable and gregarious.
Favorite Quote: " If I can make learning fun, then I’ve done half the job of teaching right there."

Jonathan Kingsley Marsh- Biology

The math teacher is a thin, reedy man, with large eyes and sallow skin. He is quiet, but competent, and keeps to himself. He is balding, something which doesn’t seem to bother him, but seems to oddly disturb students and faculty, though no one can put their finger on why. He is obsessed with oceanic life and biology.
Favorite Quote: “What’s under the sea is a marvel far beyond the dull life forms on land.”

List of Faculty and Staff at Warren Number Twenty

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