Occult Club Case Files

Occult Club Case Files

These files, still in the process of being correlated and indexed by Alvin, are some of the most prominent oddities outside the school tracked by various members of the Club over the years.

1) Faraday Mansion

Located along the stretch of the Rue de Fantome known as the ‘Haunted Mile’ and ‘Murder Mile’. It is infamous for the murder of Desmond Faraday, a millionaire shipyard owner. He was attacked in his own mansion by unknown assailants just before a big Halloween Party in 1954. His decapitated body was left, under a full head mask, in the study, where it stayed before being noticed by partygoers. After that, subsequent owners of the mansion reported seeing his headless corpse, still dressed in a tuxedo, wandering the house at night. Several members of the various families that owned the mansion suffered odd accidents leading to injury and death that don’t seem to be accidents, given the brutal nature of the injuries, neck injuries almost causing or causing decapitation. The mansion has sat empty since 1992, when five people were killed just before a Halloween party via decapitation and electrocution from a defective power line.

2) St. Erasmus’s Church

In 1924, a young couple, Lionel Bestry and Olivia Collins, were on their way to be married at their church, when they were caught in the crossfire from members of the Moretti gang and a rival gang. News reports from the time indicate the bullet riddled horror the deaths were when the car was inspected, especially Ms. Collins, found pierced with so many bullets her white wedding dress was crimson red. Since then, the church has been reported haunted, with incidents of seeing or hearing the antique car pull up, followed by gunfire and hideous screams. Weddings are no longer held there, and the church was shut down, following sightings of a pale woman in a red dress stalking the area, with several prospective brides at the church brutally murdered.

3) Greenhaven University Bell Tower

In 1976, members of fraternity Omega Tau Theta were hazing ledges. The pledges were told a story of the bell tower being haunted by a frat pledge who had committed suicide. Three pledges headed up the tower, one at a time. Only the last one gave the agreed signal that they had reached the top, showing a flashlight at the window. When none came down, the frat head, Brennan Euwell, a member of a prominent local political family, went up to check on them. He was later found deceased in the bell tower, on a heart attack, with no sign of the three missing pledges. Since then, the tower has been closed, though there are persistent reports of students lured into the tower by a light shining at night, only to be found dead later in the upper room, victims of coronaries.

4) Warren # 20 High School

Some students have gone missing over the last five years, a total of five, in the same building, Building #2, in or near classroom 210. The fiver students, 4 females and one male, were seen and observed up until a distraction caught the witness, who then noticed the student had vanished. Despite the disappearances, the classroom is still in use. Sometimes witness in the classroom report hearing phantom voices near the back, of students not there talking and discussing class events that aren’t happening.

5) The Burning Man of Belmont Park

Near Belmont Park, there have been reports for eight years now of couples at the Park after dark attacked by what is described as a burning corpse. Several deaths have occurred, but the police have attributed all to gang related murders. The attacks only seem to occur on the dark of the moon.

6) The Party Disappearances

Over the past ten years, attendees to several fashionable parties hosted at the City’s best nightclubs have vanished after being seen leaving the party with very handsome men or attractive ladies. Some bodies have shown up again, several years later, drained of blood, yet looking strangely unaged. The only clue is a card labeled Nefertiri Party Productions, a business for which there is no official listings.

7) The Bradford House

Like the Becket House, the Bradford House is an old house connected with odd occurrences. It was built in the early 1900’s, and was the residence of occult scholar Cornelius Bradford, who died in his home in 1921, after receiving delivery of an esoteric book. According to his estate, he was buried somewhere in the house. Since then, the house has been sporadically rented and sold, only to have the families leave after extensive, debilitating nightmares.

8) Grymmestone Mansion

A perennial favorite of both the Crypt and Chalice Society, as well as the Occult Club, this massive manor hosts a variety of hauntings over the years that have never been solved. It is also noted that several experienced Crypt and Chalice Society crypt runner groups, as well as several members of the Occult Club, have vanished or been killed at the Mansion.

9) Broadmoor Apartment Complex

This old complex is suffering from random disappearances of tenants, as well as other tenants plagued by nightmares and a wasting disease.

10) Broadmoor Tenant House

This old tenement complex is empty, but there are reports of strange sightings, hauntings, and vanishing homeless.

11) Broadmoor Business Building

This old building was being used by the homeless as shelter until they started to vanish. Only old clothing has been found of the victims.

12) Riverfront Hotel

Located in the old Riverfront district, this hurricane wrecked hotel has been suffering a lot of disappearances among the homeless, who report some sort of strange humming and scuttling noise in the building.

13) SubNet.com and CityofDarkness.com

Near Dolphin Street there have been odd reports over the existence of the Club of a mysterious old man who runs a Curiosity Shop in the area. The shop seems to appear and vanish, while the old man obviously seems possessed of some sort of mysterious powers.

14) SubNet.com and CityofDarkness.com

At various haunted sites and incident sites around the City, a middle aged man in a suit has been observed on several occasions. Any attempts to follow him or connect him to these areas have failed.

15) SubNet.com and CityofDarkness.com

At odd locations throughout the City, a strange young woman has been observed. She is often spotted dancing in clubs and at raves, but also near haunted sites. She seems to change hair color and style, as well as outfits, repeatedly.

16) SubNet.com and CityofDarkness.com

The Royal Casino on Central island has a private club where attractive women and men have been spotted entering yet not leaving. They have been seen meeting with several individuals, both male and female, who seem to be never seen in daylight and have no record or trace on the Internet.

17) SubNet.com and CityofDarkness.com

Lost Lambs Daycare. This daycare for low income families has been reporting odd cases of African Anemia as well as Viral Lyme’s Disease. Those affected have shown odd red rashes like large insect bites.

18) The Red Bride

For decades there have been stories about a young bride in the late 1800’s mysteriously murdered on her wedding night. Stories of her body clad in an exquisite wedding dress seems to have circulated for over a century. Also circulating are stories of the bridal dress, sold by her poor, drunken father for money, turning up in used clothes shops. Any bride who wears the dress becomes possessed by her spirit and murders her wedding party before killing herself. The stories of the dress make it very distinctive in design, and it could be found by diligent searching.

19) SubNet.com and CityofDarkness.com

There have been odd reports off strange cases of African Anemia and even deaths at upscale eateries in the City. The victims have all been attractive women of varying ages. Several witness reported a young man with ‘odd’ eyes observing the victims, but he seems to ‘disappear’ when looked away from.

20) Allied Chemical Plant

There have been reports from an old chemical plant along the river, north towards Riverfront. Strange green glows and howls have been heard at night, and there have been reports of missing homeless people in the area.

21) Belmont Plantation

Belmont Plantation, located along Blood Bayou, is a dilapidated place abandoned sometime after the Civil War. Reports indicate that a glowing white, spectral dog has been seen around the mansion since then. There have also been reports that the phantom beast is only seen under the moonlight, that it is very vicious, and that several expeditions to the plantation by hunters have ended in disaster.

22) SubNet.com and CityofDarkness.com

Reports on threads on SubNet.com indicate that a certain low dive strip club called Chow Main, located near the Northland District on central Island has had a spate of dancers vanishing. Police reports obtained show they just drifted on, but families are asking questions.

23) SubNet.com and CityofDarkness.com 2

Happy Family Restaurant. Located near the Mid-City area, has been the subject of odd reports about strange behavior among staff as well as odd doings at its food preparation areas.

24) SubNet.com and CityofDarkness.com3

Police reports indicate a new serial killer is going around the City. Its victims are older men, found in low dive hotel rooms, castrated and left to bleed to death.

25) SubNet.com and CityofDarkness.com 4

A weird thread by user DeepSeaMan16, has been reporting unusual reports of a pet shop called Underwater Fantasy selling a vibrant, unusual neon blue sponge they call Blue Nirvana. It has proven popular with the upscale crowd, but some owners have turned up with critical brain damage.

26) SubNet.com and CityofDarkness.com 5

Another thread reports a weird Pen-Tube Video that shows just a image of an old style painting with a party of people around a beautiful, reclining woman. The painting is called “The Duchess de Estarte.” There are reports that people blogging about watching the video suddenly vanishing while watching. There are no police reports connected to these events.

27) The Beckett House

A house in the Lower Mid-City area, built in the early 1800’s. Its builder, Josiah Beckett, was a noted heretic in Massachusetts before being exiled. He moved to the City and set up a church called the Cult of Starry Wisdom, that was raided by the police, with few surviving reports. When Beckett died, he was buried on the grounds of his house. Over the years there have been reports of strange deaths and illness among renters of the house. There are also reports on SubNet.com and CityofDarkness.com about teams of ghost hunters being killed at the house.

Occult Club Case Files

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